i feel that i am lacking in the department of woo ing
i feel the sense of urgency rush back over me
i feel too far away from my destination every time my vision is blurred i become that kid again
i can handle a lot of things but feeling helpless is not one of them
i swear i feel like walking in front of a bus
i don't think the drunk dudes were buckled up but they were in a full size truck and too brewed out to feel anything
i feel so touched by it that i want to share my experience with everyone and share this wonderful piece with everyone
i think of haggard and i feel so much compassion for him when he had his fall and people were cheering peterson says
i think it has to do with the fact the kids are doing soo well it helps me feel as though this whole situation is right for the kids and i
i know that they feel safe and loved that is reflected in there actions and in there wanting to learn they are a bit more of a hanfull now but they are not reluctant to experiance life anymore
i am so much happyer and drivin with out her in my life i feel so free even though i realy dont get out at all
i hope that everyone who reads this understands what it takes to get to heaven if you don't feel free to message call or meet with me so i can share how to spend eternity with our lord
i feel the need to shout obscenities at my television
i feel pathetic
i just grab my numb arm with the other arm and shake it until i get feeling in it again
i'm not talking about being emotionally drained or depressed or anything like that i'm referring to the feeling when you feel like you just did or are forced to do something stupid and useless
i'm in my 30's and i feel like a fucking 14 year old
i know i might of hurt your feelings before
i hurt that persons feelings and tell them those things
i feel like doing one of these instead of a bulletin
i dont feel like working today feel like lying in my bed listening to kissaway trail and then fall into a deep sleep
i feel is hate
i'll be back in a new incarnation some time perhaps when i have a better sense of vision and can give something i really feel good about giving
i need to also state quite frankly that i've stretched myself kind of thin and will not be able to maintain the level of 'sociability' i've gotten in the habit of on here and i hope there will be no hard feelings if i can't keep in touch with everyone
i don't think they realize it and even if they did i don't know if they would feel the same way
i enjoy being with them it's nice knowing i can once again feel like i did before
i have been unable to feel in ways i used to
i recently realized it wasn't that i couldn't feel for someone again it was that the only way i'd feel for someone is if i really connected and felt comfortable around them
i feel all guilty and ashamed for being creeped out because my grandmother was the cutest sweetest most kind hearted soul on the face of the planet
i feel too uncomfortable almost as if i may get sick too many bad experiences
i always feel like the black sheep case in point
i prefer to go out by myself sorry i don't like to baby sit anybody plus i feel responsible when ever you're with me
i have a strong feeling that this may very well be the last company that i ever work for
i have to say i feel like i am in the twilight zone
i'm in the minority in saying this but i personally feel that two of his most highly praised works persona and cries and whispers were not all that good
i don't personally feel that this is bergman's best but it definitely does stand out not only against the rest of his work but against the rest of cinema as a whole
i might just feel and if then you have an answer
i'm feeling better
i just need to to feel better
i can't feel gravity
i grab on really tightly and feel myself ready to bust a giant load
i feel compelled to write about it
i feel ashamed
i feel like i haven' accomplished anything
i feel very lonely but i feel there's few i can relate to right now
i feel so different these days
i don't feel like drinking because when i do it seems like i have one beer and i'm shitfaced
i don't feel like doing anything
i feel reclusive
i feel like it connects me to nature and mortality perhaps because of the way maggie and tom died at the end of the story